Thursday, April 19, 2012

Art Nouveau: The New Art

Art Nouveau was a design period from approximately 1890 -1910. The movement is considered a total style movement, which means that several aspects of design are encompassed in it, such as, interior design, architecture, art, and graphic design or advertising. Below are examples of each.
Art Nouveau. Whiplash line. Simple design

Art Nouveau. Whiplash line in an unbalanced fashion

Art Nouveau. Inspired by nature. Elongated lines.

Art Nouveau. Natural inspired iron work. Whiplash line

Art Nouveau. Long and thin vase with long line iron work. 

Art Nouveau. Whiplash line iron work. 

Art Nouveau. Whiplash Line iron work. Unbalanced design.

Art Nouveau. Whiplash line resembling naturalistic forms.

Art Nouveau. Elongated, thin lines.

Art Nouveau. Balconies represent curvy lines and an unbalanced.

Art Nouveau. Light design. Thin lines.

Art Nouveau. Whiplash line. Unbalanced design.

Art Nouveau. Long thin lines. Naturalistic

Art Nouveau. Flat color. Simple design. Thin Lines.

Art Nouveau. Curvy lines. Minimal detail. Few colors. 

Art Nouveau. Naturalistic. 

Art Nouveau. Flat color. Unbalanced. 

Art Nouveau. Flat color. Unbalanced design. Limited detail in face. Curvy typography.

Art Nouveau. Thin Whiplash lines. Naturalistic. 

Art Nouveau. Flat color, Limited detail in face. Whiplash hair. 

Art Nouveau. Naturalistic, whiplash lines. Simple details. 

Art Nouveau. Flat colors, limited details, Long line in the scarf.

ARt Nouveau. Whiplash Lines. Natural colros. Flat figure.

Art Nouveau. Naturalistic, whiplash line.

Art Nouveau. Natural colors and design. Whiplash line, limited detail in figure.

Art Nouveau. Elongated hair lines, inspired by nature.

Art Nouveau. Whiplash hair lines. Natural and simple design.

Art Nouveau. Thin lines. Naturalistic. 

Art Nouveau. Simple details in figure. Long, thin lines. Naturalistic. 

Art Nouveau. Inspired by nature, limited detail in figure.

Art Nouveau. Flat color. Whiplash lines. Simple design.

ARt Nouveau. Elongated whiplash lines. Limited detail in figure. Flat, natural colors.

Art Nouveau. Thin, drawn out font. Flat color.

Art Nouveau. Flat colors. Whiplash tail. Limited detail.

Art Nouveau Fashion. Long, slender dresses. Whiplash design in sketch.

Art Nouveau. Flat colors, Limited detail in faces

Art Nouveau. Flat design. Long thin lines. Limited detail.

Art Nouveau. Curvy, natural border. Long lines in figure and font.

Art Nouveau. Elongated figure and hair. Unbalanced design.

Art Nouveau. Flat color, whiplash line. Limited Detail.

Art Nouveau. Flat colors. Naturalistic.

Art Nouveau. Long wings. natural. Simple figure.

Art Nouveau. Natural. Long, thin branches. flat colors.

Art Nouveau. Whiplash lines. Unbalanced design.

Art Nouveau. Whiplash lines. Simple figure.

Art Nouveau. Long and thin. Simple design.

Art Nouveau. Naturalistic. Long, thin ironwork. 

Art Nouveau. Flat colors, Long, thin lines. 

Art Nouveau. Whiplash lines. Simple figure.

Art Nouveau. long, flowy dress with thin lines of detail

ARt Nouveau. Naturalistic, long and thin figure. Unbalanced design.
Art Nouveau. Naturalistic. Whiplash line. 

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